Montana’s fish records come in all shapes and sizes.

From the 142-pound paddlefish caught in 1968 to the 0.01-pound emerald shiner landed in 2016, reeling in a record breaker may only be one cast away.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks keeps state fish records for more than 60 species.

While well-known game fish such as Robert Bob Hart’s 35-inch, 17.75-pound walleye from Tiber Reservoir or Ruth Barber’s 42.5-inch, 42.69-pound lake trout from Flathead Lake are sure to draw attention, anglers may be hard pressed to recognize many record fish. Chris Gustine’s 2.7-inch, 0.01-pound fathead minnow, Richard Geldrich’s 9.84-inch, 0.36-pound pygmy whitefish or Mike Jensen’s 16-inch, 1.52-pound peamouth all earned a spot in Montana’s record book.

Although not every record-catching angler provides FWP with a photo, those it has on file show the diversity of state’s waterways and the many fishing opportunities Montana provides.

Written by Tom Kuglin,


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