Details for THE REAL FOOD MARKET & DELI - Ad from 2019-06-12

W E D N E S DAY O N E - DAY S A L E S June 12, 2019 • Stock On Hand Deli Full-Service Counter ORGANIC Canadian Bacon STRAWBERRIES Product of USA TODAY $ 99 8 TODAY PER LB 2 99 $ $10.99 per lb value SAVE $2.00 per lb Pre-Packaged Bulk#B088 Organic Dried Mango TODAY $ 99 8 ORGANIC PER LB $11.99 per lb value SAVE $3.00 per lb 2 29 $ TODAY $ 99 EACH $4.79 value SAVE 80¢ PER LB B-Bar Organic Hot Dogs Light Life Meatless Jumbo Smart Dogs 2-Kinds, Frozen; Aisle 1 TODAY Refrigerated Case $ TODAY $ 49 3 RED SEEDLESS GRAPES Product of Mexico TODAY Kerry Gold Dubliner & Aged Cheddar 3 1 LB CLAM BIG TIMBER 7 49 PACK $7.99 per lb value SAVE 50¢ per lb PACK $3.99 value SAVE 50¢ Que Pasa Tortilla Chips & Salsas Blue, Yellow & White Corn Chips $3.99 value SAVE 70¢ Mild, Medium & Chipotle Salsa $3.79 value SAVE 50¢ TODAY $ 3 29 EACH More than 600 items on sale all month! 1096 Helena Ave • 406.443.5150 OPEN Mon-Sat 8-8, Sun 9-7 Locally Owned & Dedicated to Your Health Since 1975

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