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Clearwater Montana Properties


3130 Saddle Dr. Ste #4
Helena, MT 59601
Last Updated: October 31, 2018


About Clearwater Montana Properties

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Clearwater Montana Properties (CMP) opened our first office in Seeley Lake, MT in 1994. Since we opened our first office in Seeley Lake we have grown into a network of 30 Agent/Office locations across Montana. We understand that above all in selling property, it’s about maximum exposure in promoting properties. At CMP, we focus on providing quality customer service, superior market knowledge and giving back generously to the communities we serve. Clearwater Montana Properties is the exclusive broker participant in Montana with Sports Afield Trophy Properties in Montana.
We pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of technology, marketing strategies and trends in the ranch, farm and recreational sectors of the real estate industry.  We see ourselves as stewards of not only our customers and clients, but also of the land with which we are blessed. The Agents and Owners at CMP are proud to give back a portion of all of our earnings to the communities in which they are earned. We take pride in working to make our communities better, and helping to strengthen civic and charitable organizations, while maintaining our deep commitment to recreation, stewardship and conservation of the lands that we serve.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a recreational property, farm, or ranch---the common traits you will find present in all of our CMP Team Members are high levels of character and integrity. We don't do anything in business that we are not willing to stand behind. We do the right things for the right reasons, and always place our clients' interests above our own. Here are the things we do:

•    Hire the best people - from the CMP Sales Agents and Brokers, to our support staff, we have the highest caliber of people with incredible character and a passion for what they do.
•    Ensure our marketing tools remain cutting edge - from photography, to mapping programs, to production, we have what it takes to be on the cutting edge of marketing.
•    Provide the best training and assistance - from state-of-the art, in-house transaction management software, to continuous market research, to full corporate monitoring and support.
•    Commit to an extensive marketing plan - from print media and targeted direct mail, to hundreds of high-traffic websites and networking with a number of highly qualified, high-net-worth buyers.
•    CMP Sales Agents and Brokers are trained to not only LISTEN to your needs, wants, and desires, but to actually HEAR you - a trait that is becoming harder and harder to find in the high-paced world we live in.


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