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Visiting Yellowstone

Visitation to Yellowstone National Park topped 4 million for the fourth year in a row.

Yellowstone National Park topped 4 million visitors for the fourth year in a row, recording more than 4.1 million visits in 2018.

That figure was only a slight .04 percent decrease from 2017 and a 3.5 percent decrease from the record-breaking year in 2016. As a result, 2018 was the third busiest year on record.

Total recreation visits for the last three years were: 2018 – 4,114,999; 2017 – 4,116,524; and 2016 – 4,257,177. 

To calculate visitation numbers for late December during the shutdown, staff used data from an automated counter that recorded vehicle traffic at the North Entrance and reports from oversnow concessioners.

More data on park visitation, including how officials calculate the numbers, is available on the NPS Stats website.

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