Frenchtown Pond

Young anglers try their luck at Frenchtown Pond.

The Montana State Parks Foundation is publishing a weekly showcase of Montana State Parks' 55 properties. 

This week's focus takes visitors 10 miles northwest of Missoula to Frenchtown Pond State Park.

The 41-acre day-use state park offers fishing, swimming, and nonmotorized boating on a small, spring-fed lake that is up to 18 feet deep.

Located just off of Interstate 90 in Frenchtown it's a day-use park for the whole family, although dogs are not allowed in the park at any time.

Did you know?

The Garden City Triathalon is held at Frenchtown Pond State Park every year.

Activities at the park include: boating; fishing; ice skating; picnicking; swimming; and wildlife viewing.

The pond has a healthy fish population that includes sunfish, bass and bullhead. To help improve the bass habitat, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has sunk trees to the bottom of the pond.

You may even see scuba divers. The local scuba club uses Frenchtown Pond as a practice area and cleans up the bottom of the pond. 

Due to the water's depth, warmth and clarity, Frenchtown Pond State Park is a favorite place to practice boardsailing, kayaking, canoeing, and snorkeling.

The Montana State Parks Foundation helps fund work at parks, for more information log on to www.montanastateparksfoundation.org.

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