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How many times have you heard this remark? It's one of your modern "truisms". And it certainly applies to the Mueller Report/TV testimony. I've read the Mueller Report, and if Mueller had brought it to true life in his testimony, it would have been a blockbuster! No doubt about it. He did not.

Mueller is a Republican, appointed by Republicans. But first and foremost, he is a dedicated public servant who values integrity, honesty and practical propriety, in service of the rule of law, above all.

This rigorous dedication to protocol (perhaps subconsciously tainted by conservative partisanship) seems to have led Mueller down a path of fanciful naivety. During the hearings, his constant refrain was "It's in the report", "Read the report". Nobody is likely to dispute news reports that an estimated 3% or less of Americans have, or will ever, read the report.

Mueller is clearly used to relating to judges and other lawyers. He missed his chance to relate to the American people, who needed him to "speak to them". I most certainly do agree with Mueller that every American should be deeply concerned about Russian interference, which goes largely unchecked, and that every American should read his report. But he asks too much. It's not going to happen. People are busy. They expect and need their taxpayer supported nonpartisan public servants to help them understand the issues in order to help them make their own political decisions. With all due respect, and I do still respect him, Robert Mueller failed to fulfill that need.

Bob Pyfer


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