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Growing up with parents who emphasized the importance of empowering the people around me was one of many great fortunes. Maddie and Wilmot Collins instilled my sister and I with such values, but furthermore they are faithful friends, genuine family, and tried and true mentors to so many here. From our church pews, playing fields, stage, campus, hospital, Capital, or beside their fellow members of the military, they helped enhance our community. This year has been a new and exciting chapter for my family as my father put his best foot forward to do something he has contemplated for a good while. Running for mayor of Helena. The dedication that I have watched my father manifest in this campaign is a testament to his unwavering drive to continue to make Helena a place of hope, tranquility, civil discourse and a community for all children to thrive. However, the most interesting aspect of this campaign has been witnessing individuals of all beliefs and values engage with our democracy and local government in trying times. Participating in our democracy means an opportunity to elect a brighter future for our communities. For Helena, Wilmot Collins is that brighter future.

Bliss Collins



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