Where is Senator Daines?

Where is Senator Daines?

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America is great because we are a nation of laws. Inconsistent, imperfect sometimes, but, in principle, in court you stand equal to anyone. No one has special privileges. Evidence is heard in open court and testimony is sworn. The jury is impartial. Having been on a couple of juries, we did pay careful attention. We considered the evidence.

There are clear sentencing guidelines. Everyone is judged on the same standard. These are the fundamental principles of the rule of law. And, these are the fundamental principles of our republic. We are governed by laws, not men. We are all equal before the law. The law is applied with fairness and firmness, with consistent standards.

Absent these principles of the law, we descend into corrupt lawlessness. An elected official who puts their thumb on the scales of justice to “help a pal” corrupts the Constitution.

Every elected official swears an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Every elected official is obligated to defend the rule of law.

Attorney General Barr seems to have forgotten his oath. When will Senator Daines defend the Constitution? When will he speak up for the rule of law?

Kenneth Taylor




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