This past weekend, President Trump petulantly blew up the G-7 summit, and our relationship with our allies, without regard for the global consequences of his childish actions. In effect, he unilaterally declared the end of 70 years of alliances which had kept the world safe — relatively — and America prosperous since the end of World War II. And at the same time that he blows off our longtime allies and neighbors, he embraces the authoritarianism in Russia, the Philippines and elsewhere. One now has to wonder, when are our Republican representatives in Congress, Senator Steve Daines and Representative Greg Gianforte, going to be willing to stand up and say enough is enough? After all, none of Trump’s global posturing on trade or the environment is going to do anything positive for Montana. Sadly, we already know what the answer is — never. It's time to vote these dupes out of office. Montanans should rally around Kathleen Williams to replace Rep. Gianforte, and find someone who will represent Montana to take on Sen. Daines when he’s up for reelection.

Kim Wilson


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