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Vote Troy and Steve to keep Helena awesome

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I just wanted to share my feelings on the upcoming City Commission election. This US is going downhill fast and if we don't stop it, we will be a third world country before you know it. Gas prices, building materials and food costs have skyrocketed. The homeless situation is getting out of hand, our borders are overflowing with illegal aliens and boys are allowed in girl's bathrooms. Tearing down one of Helena's landmark monuments is not OK. We need strong candidates like Troy McGee and Steve Allen to lead our great city. Troy is a long time native who had the honor of writing me my first deserved traffic citation! He has also been the Chief of Police for years and knows Helena better than anyone! Steve Allen is also a great guy who loves his country, God and our Constitution.

We need candidates who will keep Helena a great place to live, respect our heritage and have moral values.

I don't want Helena to turn into San Francisco with homelessness, crime and drugs running rampant.

I strongly feel Troy McGee and Steve Allen are the best candidates for the job!

Greg Painter




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