Helena’s City Commission is ready for committed and shared leadership.

Mark your ballots today. Vote Andres Halady for Helena. Andres is trusted and experienced, already working hard for Helena and looking to the future. Vote Heather O’Loughlin for Helena. Heather is strong, experienced, and ready to serve. Vote Wilmot Collins for Mayor. Wilmot is innovative and creative, offering a new vision for Helena.

In order to protect and promote prosperous neighborhoods, sound transportation decisions, wise city planning, open space and quality affordable housing, mark you ballots today for this talented slate of candidates. These candidates will implement sound city policy and creative approaches to planning - smart growth solutions that embody our common community values. They will fight to protect our Helena firefighters by fully funding fire service needs and respecting collective bargaining rights. The path to a vibrant and safe community starts now.

Vote Haladay, O’Loughlin and Collins to get the job done. Vote for Haladay, O’Loughlin and Collins for Helena’s Future. Proven and trusted leadership. Helena is ready for these three motivated and sincere people.

Please return your ballot today and mark, Haladay, O’Loughlin and Collins. Delivering positive and innovative leadership for Helena’s City Commission.

Molly Moody


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