For the past two years the hard working gardeners, who faithfully tend their plots at the Waukesha Park Garden, have been subjected to multiple acts of random, indiscriminate destruction of the crops they have nurtured from seedlings.

We believe the perpetrators of these senseless acts of trampling, smashing and pulling crops out of the ground are being performed by unsupervised neighborhood children who are either too young to understand the concept of vandalism and are small enough to slip through the locked gates or by older kids who can climb over the 5-foot chain link fence and think that the destruction of others property is amusing.

It is very disheartening for the 40-plus gardeners who have invested time and money to grow quality food, only to see it wasted by inconsiderate acts of vandalism.

We call on the parents and guardians of children living around the park to talk with them about respecting the community garden and staying out of the fenced area. Helena Community Gardens is always looking for new gardeners to share in the joy and satisfaction of growing food and hopefully being able to consume it before it is senselessly destroyed.

Ken Rasile, HCG Garden Manager


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