The far left socialist Democratic candidates for the presidency of the U.S. are in the process of dismantling this nation at every corner. What seems to lead the list are those illegals trying to enter the U.S.

If you support enforcement at the border you must be a racist and if you want open borders, three cheers for Democrats. I hear and read every day of the conditions at detention facilities and the Democrats seeking out free health care for all illegals entering. That's what the socialist news agencies report on every single day.

What about the homeless U.S. citizens that sleep on the streets, never get three meals a day, they have no clean water to drink and no bathroom facilities. In San Francisco there are 8,011 homeless, and in Los Angeles, 31,516, not to forget Seattle with 12,500. All three cities are led by a Democratic mayor, and none offering free health care, but hey, those poor illegals need help more than the citizens of the U.S. If you don't like the conditions at the border, go home.

Peter Fabiani


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