Two types of leaders

Two types of leaders

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Based on their press conferences two types of leaders can be seen each day the virus crisis evolves.

One leader acted early in the crisis. He takes full responsibility for how the crisis has been handled. There is a structured chain of command. He is in charge evidenced in his understanding of facts and activities. He speaks with authority on what has been done, what is being done, and what needs to be done.

The other leader passes the virus off as a hoax perpetrated by his enemies. He says there’s nothing to it. It will leave with warm weather. Later he says he recognized early on just how dangerous it was only later to say it snuck up on us. In his press conference he speaks in generalities rather than facts. He rates his performance a 10 yet takes no responsibility for failures acknowledged by some of the honest few around him. In typical fashion he blames others and even with his fantastic memory denies dismantling the structure that once existed to deal with pandemics. Lacking even a chief of staff, it’s clear there is no chain of command yet in his style he plays the leader part for the cameras as his second in command, in charge of the virus task force, stares blankly ahead his head in nodding approval.

One of these leaders is a governor who knows how to govern. The other is our president who doesn’t. When you vote this November please make America think again.

John R. Andrew




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