Trump is hurting America, and Daines supports him

Trump is hurting America, and Daines supports him

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What an interesting juxtaposition. On the editorial page of the Jan. 29 Independent Record are two letters to the editor. One was entitled, “Thankful for Sen. Steve Daines” (Republican) because he works “in a political landscape where government can be seen as more of a hindrance." The other, “Why I left the Republican Party” claims to be a “longtime Republican who quit the party when George Bush Jr. started the Iraq war and paid for it with our children’s credit card.” So, is the government a hindrance when it starts unnecessary wars, cheats, lies, slanders, or otherwise undermines its citizens?

Donald Trump seems to get support from those whose values or pocketbook are perceived to be reinforced. For example, those opposing abortion (Trump is on record before his election as not being opposed to abortion), fundamental Christians (Trump demonstrates few if any Christian values), business (the stock market and CEO earnings are going through the roof, while the median income in America is almost stagnant).

Come on Americans, look at the big picture. Trump’s leadership is a significant hindrance to America’s well-being and our values. Sen. Steve Daines gives total support to Trump.

Paul Pacini




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