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I want to address how the display of your trophy deer has added to the growing list of the anti-hunting public. My wife and were driving behind you and saw your dead buck proudly displayed on the back of your trailer in the bucket of your Bobcat, a beautiful, eviscerated, bloody animal you were so proud of. I have hunted since I was a teenager, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. I have always tried to shield my non-hunting family members and friends from the more unpleasant aspects of the hunt to include doing my own butchering of my game away from my own home.

For several years I taught hunter safety for the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, and one unit I remember well was about “public perception of the hunter.” As I recall the statistics were then about 20 percent of the public were hunters of birds, ducks, big game, or whatever, another 30 percent were adamantly opposed to hunting and the remaining 50 percent were neutral on the subject, but were often swayed one way or the other by how hunters conducted themselves.

When you pull a stunt such as what you did on Oct. 29, which side of the hunting debate do you think the remaining 50 percent are going to come down on? No self-respecting 12-year-old hunter safety graduate would have even considered a display such as yours. It would have been easy enough to put the animal in the bed of your truck or cover it in some manner. I want to believe that you are a much more considerate and conscientious hunter than you demonstrated on Oct. 29.

Larry Akers



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