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The analyses are relentless. The media's obsessed. It's all about the very concerning emotional and psychological makeup of our president, Donald Trump.

The talking heads and prolific writers are covering Trump's behavior, his thinking, his tweets and his ignoring the facts and truth 24/7. Are we possibly getting tired of all this "talk" with no corrective actions? What might those actions be? Is it possible to carry on, as a nation, under the leadership of a person with Trump's character and indifference to the truth?

If this matter were simply about addressing one person in power, our political system is fully capable of performing well and being able to circumvent the leader's failings and idiosyncrasies. But we have what may well be an even bigger problem. And that is that our political system, in large part, is being hijacked and held hostage to big-money interests. This has been going on for a long time, it is not new.

So, what do we do about this? Any suggestions? It would seem that it's about time for some overhaul and a change in what drives our democratic system of government. Either that or we simply continue "floundering in forest of frustration."

Bob McClellan


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