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As a voter in Jefferson County, I have been closely following the race between Greg DeVries and Bryher Herak for House District 75. The Greg DeVries quoted in the IR candidate profile of October 10th does not sound like the Greg DeVries from his articles in the newspapers and his speeches at the forums. To help voters better understand candidate DeVries, I have included quotes from DeVries straight from these forums and articles.

At the 9-27-18 candidate forum in Helena, DeVries answered the question: “What do you see as your responsibility (as a legislator) in addressing some of the issues facing young children, families with young children, schools, and programs that serve young children?” 

“As the Legislature, there is nothing the government can do to solve these issues ... The surviving children are indoctrinated with the view that they are descended from pond scum. ... The answer to all these issues resides in the families...”

At the same candidate forum, DeVries answered the question: “How can we increase access to health care in rural Montana, especially emergency medical services, without putting even more strain on the current healthcare system?"

“...government-funded programs to subsidize health care in those areas reeks of communism.”

At the 9-20-18 candidate forum in Boulder, DeVries was asked to indicate which programs he would support such as suicide prevention, prevention of opioid abuse, and DUI prevention.

He replied:

“Suicide and opioid abuse are issues that the state is not going to be able to solve.”

“Drunk driving should be prosecuted only when there is damage to property or life.”

At the same forum DeVries urged families to turn to their communities and churches to solve these issues.

At the same candidate forum in Boulder, DeVries advocated relying on community and church to address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities (DD). Asked whether he would support bills headed to the next legislature to increase funding for DD services, he said:

“Budgets are finite things.”

“ … we as a society have to learn to stop turning to the government to solve all our problems.”

“there are private nursing homes that can handle the DD clients”

“Every time we turn to the government and say please solve this problem, they’re going to turn to us for more tax money.”

At the same candidate forum in Boulder, DeVries reminded us:

“We need to get back to God’s teachings, not handouts from daddy.”

In the Whitehall Ledger October 2018 article, DeVries wrote:

“Coercive government to pursue equality, shackles the free man” and “Like a ham-handed ogre, it (government) loots those who’ve gained their fruits, making a larger mess of its bounty in the process, and dumps the tailings on the heads of many folks who remain devoid of their own happiness because they did not pursue and earn it.”

In the Boulder Monitor April 11, 2018, DeVries wrote:

“We Montana workers feed the beast in Helena through our 'voluntary giving' of taxes, yet the more taxes and freedoms we offer, the more it bites the feeding hand.”

Who is the real Greg DeVries – the “well-rounded normal citizen” candidate quoted in the October 10 article in the IR or the Greg DeVries as he presents himself in his newspaper writings and appearances at community forums? Judge for yourself: watch DeVries at the candidate forum in Helena.

Rebecca Johnson

Montana City

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