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Warning signs. How many pay attention to them? Most think about them for just a few minutes, then forget until another shows up, and ahead we see what the sign was telling us and now we begin looking for a way out—a detour or something. At times there is a way around it—may be marked, then it may not.

Have you thought that just maybe what is happening on the southern border with the large influx of those desiring to immigrate to the United States is another warning sign that the government cannot solve all problems, nor was our government set up to do that?

L.B.J. tried the idea of the Great Society. Fifty plus years down the line some improvements have come to pass, and yet for the most part it has failed. Our government was not set up for this.

More recent Katrina — the flooding and destruction in New Orleans. The government failed. It was not set up for that.

This is not to say the government does nothing well, for when it stays within the confines of the Constitution it works. Our problem today is that many desire the government to take care of them from cradle to grave. It cannot do this. Even in countries under communist rule they have incorporated a free enterprise system of sorts. Many in these countries desire for the state to loosen its control so they can make it.

China, for example, is losing on coming up with new products, but great on improving on the new products. Is this what we want America to become? It will if the government takes over as the left would like for it to. They have ignored the warning signs, not just here but from other countries that have tried it.

Charlie P. Hull Jr.

East Helena

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