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The legislative session was over in April and three pro-life bills made it to Governor Bullock's desk. House Bill 500 was a bill that would have stopped abortions at 20 weeks of gestation. It is legal to abort your baby in Montana through 40 weeks of gestation and HB 500 would have prevented this. The bill was vetoed by Bullock and probably because he is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

The abortion industry will have you believe that these late-term abortions on viable babies are rare, when in fact there are over 15,000 late-term abortions in the U.S. every year. Only 2% of these late-term abortions are because of fetal anomalies, that is about 300. The rest of the 15,000 are because of failed relationships or not wanting to raise children on their own. That is right, a healthy baby is aborted because the woman broke up with her boyfriend and does not want to raise the baby.

I have lobbied in Montana for 17 years and have seen the extreme agenda the abortion industry wants, now with the latest Montana Supreme court ruling a nurse practitioner can perform an abortion to include a late-term one. It is insanity.

Gregg Trude


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