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In 2008, my father, a World War II veteran, was receiving medical care at the Billings Veteran’s clinic. I had medical POA for my father and had questions about his health and left several messages for his doctor, but my phone calls weren't returned. After the third attempt, I was told by a staff member at the clinic that it was hard for the doctor to return calls. I was very frustrated with the lack of response and sent an e-mail to Senator Tester. Within a couple of days, I received a phone message from Tester's staff informing me that they had spoken with a doctor at the clinic. The doctor told them that my request to be informed of my father's health was reasonable, and I would be receiving a call regarding my father's health. Later that day, I received a call from another doctor at the clinic, and he reviewed my father's medical records with me. I was amazed at how responsive Tester’s staff was and how quickly he resolved this issue. Senator Tester is an incredible advocate for veterans and all Montanans and will get my vote in November.

Kelly Rusoff


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