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Jon Tester has spent 12 years in D.C. representing Montana’s core values and our outdoor heritage. He’s an honest broker and someone who has stood up to the obstructionists in both parties to pass common-sense legislation that helps put more Montanans out on our public lands, while continuing the tradition of multiple use.

In 2012, Jon passed the Simpson-Tester delisting rider that put wolves back under control of the state when extremists from both sides were locked in a battle to see who could out-stupid each other. He also passed the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Steve Daines, that broke a generations-long blockade on new land designation legislation, going back to when President Reagan interfered in a bipartisan bill that would have ended the debate on wilderness in Montana.

Jon’s honest approach to managing public land and wildlife should be exalted, and his ability to work across the aisle to get things done to help ensure better management of public lands should earn your vote in November.

If you cherish public lands and public wildlife, if you want better management of public lands the choice is clear – vote for Jon Tester.

Ed Tinsley


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