It was good to see a letter about why people vote the way they do, as I have been wondering how in the world Montanans re-elected Tester.

Montanans voted against expanding Medicaid and against ruining the mining industry. Tester supported both initiatives. Tester voted for sanctuary cities and illegal immigration. Montanans are against both. Tester voted to decimate our health care system by voting for a bill he had not even read. He went along with Pelosi and Schumer and their disgusting rhetoric about Judge Kavanaugh.

As for the veterans who have said he has done so much for us -- I hope they remember what he did during the Ben Ghazi atrocity and the lies he told about the man who was to be head of the VA. So far, he has gone along with whatever his party has called for. It will be interesting to see what he does when they want to confiscate all guns.

Denise Feller

East Helena

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