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So many hardworking Americans were skeptical of the benefits of the tax bill passed by the Republicans. Unfortunately, we were right. What was supposed to stimulate the economy by putting money into our pockets instead became a huge handout almost exclusively for the richest people in the country, a handout with a $1.5 trillion price tag!

The growing disparity in wealth between the middle class and the wealthiest Americans has made tax reform important. However, what was produced in this bill was an insult to the very people who needed the most help. It was reckless and horribly put together by the Republicans. The fact that they were scribbling notes in the margins of a several hundred-page bill at the last minute, with only a few hours to be reviewed by our representatives before hastily voting on it, is disgraceful. We expect our representatives to do their job with integrity and thoughtful deliberation.

We need representatives who are actually willing to fight for the people, not bend over backwards to please their corporate donors. I am proud of Jon Tester for defending Montana and working every day for it. If only the rest of Washington would follow his lead.

Andrea Pulido


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