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For 40 years now the Republicans have told us yet another tax cut for the rich will be good for everyone by jump-starting the economy. But it's only served to widen the income gap. "Why pay our own bills if we can saddle our kids with them?" They consistently give us such easy answers because they know they can sell them to stupid people, while they enrich themselves. Debt, climate change, globalization, robotics; all these are realities that we have to face if we're to survive. The choices are sobering, but we can handle them. Hate, distrust and blaming others are easy answers to sell, but do nothing for solving real problems, like caring for our children's future.

The future is out to kill us humans and IF we survive, it will be because we did it together, no matter how much we feel like we hate each other. The longer we take the easy way out by ignoring our real problems, the steeper the consequences become. Let's be adults and face our responsibilities, not push them down the road. We're all in this together. Maybe if we act like adults we can survive this crisis.


Tim Holmes


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