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After the recent school walk out by students to protest gun violence, some new issues need to be addressed.

Such as, who gets to decide what causes are worthy of allowing such a protest during school hours? Does only the school administration get to decide when students can walk out of classes without punishment, or do teachers and the community also get a say in the matter?

How many students are necessary before the school will allow it? One hundred? Ten? One?

What causes will be allowed to be protested by students? Will students be allowed to protest abortion, if they wish? Or when a rapist is freed on a technicality? If not, why not?

The student protest seems to open the door to protests of every variety, and size. How can the school now say it will not allow protests against everything and anything after allowing it for this one issue?

One must also ask if such carefully orchestrated protests are a good use of time in school?

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These protests highlight how closely related First and Second Amendment rights are. Guns shouldn’t be used to limit free speech, and free speech shouldn’t be used to limit self-defense.

Edward Meardon



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