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In his skewering of his Congressional opponent Corey Stapleton Joe Dooling (10/28/19) takes a Trumpian type shot at our long and effective serving County Attorney calling him a "Democrat hack". I don't know Mr. Dooling. I was appreciative of the courageous act of his wife in the legislature to face-off (as a first term Republican) with angry opposition Republicans and promote the passage of the bill which will allow the new historical museum to be built. I do know Leo Gallagher. He and I first met in a speech contest as high school freshmen. Later, he had a very solid and successful general law practice with my former brother-in-law, Nick Jacques and Larry Murphy. Leo was always a solid, reputable, hardworking private practitioner.

At a recent Friendship Center fundraiser our County Attorney Leo was personally applauded for his offices' commendable work dealing with the difficult task of Preparing necessary Orders of Protection for abused family members. He and his office successfully prosecuted a number of murder trials, again difficult work, in the last months. Throughout his lengthy tenure as our County Attorney Leo has performed his duties with integrity and nonpartisanship. I for one voted in this election to make his job and the office of Sheriff, Clerk of Court and others nonpartisan elections. I say perfect! That's what they are and should be.

Stating by implication in his op-ed that Leo would prosecute Corey Stapleton just because he is a Republican is a tasteless, baseless smear of a decent, hardworking, competent and service oriented representative of our county. Let's stop the unjustified and venomous name-calling and try to get back to civility.

Rick Pyfer


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