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I’m a caregiver in Missoula with 35 years of experience. Workers like me make sure our elders and people with disabilities are cared for with compassion and integrity. I am also a proud union member. Working together over the years, we have raised wages for workers and improved our healthcare plan, paid time off and training programs.

The Supreme Court’s recent “Janus” decision is just the latest attack on workers but it’s an old story. A dark web, large multinational corporations and wealthy donors who want to destroy unions and silence workers were behind this case. Corporate CEOs and radical politicians know that as long as unions are strong they will have to continue to share profits and decision-making power with workers. So they are attacking our funding, trying to take away the ability to win progress for workers and making it easier to roll back what took decades to win.

This isn’t an attack on one kind of workers, it’s an attack on all workers. It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, plumber, truck driver or caregiver. If we stand together we can beat back this attack and build a better future.

Lori Swartz


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