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As a hunter, public lands explorer, former rifle club member, former member of the NRA and native Montanan, I can say I know the value of the Second Amendment. In the wake of the string of school shootings, other violent acts and our ever increasing agitated population I would like to propose for consideration that the Second Amendment applies only to single-shot weapons. When the framers wrote the constitution and the Second Amendment their perspective and knowledge was limited to single-shot arms. They had no knowledge of AR-15s, drones, anti- tank weapons, rocket propelled grenades and the host of other weapons available to us today, just as we do not know if lasers, electrostatic or light phasers will be the weapons of tomorrow. It is because of this that the Second Amendment needs to be further defined. I am not advocating for the elimination of all but single shotguns. I am simply pointing out that from an intent perspective that single shots are the only guns protected by the Second Amendment. I submit that all other weapons are outside of constitutional protection and can be legally regulated.

Dave Nardinger

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