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Might be time to say NO. This President fires people who don’t agree with him, is a bully, is not interested in the truth, wants loyalty pledges and has the gall to call elected officials treasonous if they don’t clap for him.

First Mexico was going to pay for his wall, now the American taxpayer will foot that bill. Now he wants a huge parade (he says to honor the military) to honor himself. Mr. President, you're a billionaire, you foot those bills. When will the people we elected to serve us stand up and say no to this spoiled child, albeit, a stable genius?

This is beyond the "Emperor Has No Clothes." He surrounds himself with people who say yes to everything he wants, has family members in government positions that they are not qualified for, does not want a free press, lives for adulation, surrounds himself with generals, and doesn’t give a damn about anything, except what he wants. Sounds like a despot, or a king, or Beloved Leader -- chose your favorite.

Marlyn Atkins


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