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I believe Mr. Sales should be removed from his post as president of the Senate for the asinine idea of sending $8 million of Montanan's tax dollars  to support a southern wall and to curry favor with a lame duck president. Honestly, Mr. Sales seems to forget he is from Montana, which grows soy, which would benefit far more from the president ending his trade war with China. Also, the timber industry is far more concerned and at times hurt by Canadian lumber product imports than anything from Mexico.

Local economies and local hospitals in Montana would benefit far more if the $8 million were used for Medicaid expansion, since the jobs that supports are often higher paying. Also, given the fact Montana has an aging population, medical equipment and support of our local medical facilities and hospitals in small communities means everything to some families.

Lastly, every dollar we spend on Medicaid expansion is matched by $9 on the federal level so Montana gains far more and no one is paying for someone else's care as there are income guidelines, co-pays and premium co-pays.

Say no to $8 million being sent to Washington, D.C. 

Michelle Alverson


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