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Sad day in the USA

Sad day in the USA

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As I watched in horror the number of protestors break and destroy property while forcing their way into our nation's Capitol my heart sank to an all time low. While watching in disbelief I feared the worse which would be physical harm to lawmakers or the vice president.

Since that day my mind wanders back to a story I heard every Christmas from a Slovenian priest that witnessed his family being killed and tortured. As the story goes, his neighbor had reported to the government in charge that these people were practicing Christians. The neighbor was then empowered by the government to kill and take possession of the neighboring farm.

What we witnessed last week is exactly the same kind of empowerment this crowd of people were given. Just what if an angry mob was given the encouragement to take your property or mine because they were given the so called power to do so?

I grew up with the belief that if you didn't agree with the lawmakers in charge then you took the initiative to get involved and made sure you voted or perhaps ran for a public office.

God Bless the USA.

Michael Casey




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