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This state can not afford to elect Matt Rosendale as a senator. On June 11, the man made the decision that he would not attend a debate with Jon Tester. This debate sponsored by the Montana Broadcaster Association has been a staple and tradition of Montana politics for years. His excuse that he will not attend because it is Father's Day does not hold water.

Does it escape him that the job of running our nation is a 365-day-a-year job? Does he think he is above the many thousands of soldiers, law enforcement, public safety and many others who would love to have Father's Day off to spend with their families? Rosendale's decision to back out is nothing more than political maneuvering to avoid answering the tough questions that all candidates should be required to answer.

The day Rosendale announced his candidacy for the Senate of the United States was the day that he gave up his convenience to spend time with his family or the luxury of working when he feels like it. It doesn't work that way, Mr. Rosendale, and Montanans expect more from their elected officials and putting we the people over your conveniences.

Rick Fisher

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