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In 2012 we had one of the worst school shootings in history. Since then it has been said there have been 239, 438 have been shot and 138 have been killed. Children who will never see their children go to school. Now I think it is time for the children who are living to rise up and demand solutions.

To you congressmen who say you are pro-life, the children who are alive want to live also and not be afraid to send their children to school. Just as abortion is wrong, so is the killing of our young ones. And how about the other mass shootings? You men and women who make our laws must face the facts. What is more important? Getting money from the pro-gun lobby to be elected again or to protect your citizens?

The Bible says, first love God and then love your neighbor as yourself. Those children where your neighbors. Respect them as such. Young people, it is never to early to protect your future.

Sharon Obrigewitch

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