Republicans were not elected to serve Trump

Republicans were not elected to serve Trump

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Well folks, it looks like the fix is on. It seems Republicans are more concerned about their political futures than doing what is right. Justice never stood a chance.

They keep beating the same drum, "Impeachment should not be used to overturn an election or influence an upcoming election." Trumpers are drinking it up like Jonestown Kool-Aid. Excuse me if my logic is flawed, but wouldn't any impeachment and conviction overturn or influence an election? So are Republicans saying the impeachment process should never be used?

What evidence they did allow, has been overwhelmingly damning of Trump's actions. At every turn, the White House and Republicans have tried to block any and all investigations into Trump. What are they hiding? If he is so innocent, why not open the doors? How is it so many people so close to Trump can be convicted or indicted and yet he maintains absolute innocence?

Whether during the Mueller investigations or the impeachment process, Republicans did not have enough spine to question the party mantra. Shame on you all! You were elected to serve the people and the country, not the Donald!

Kristian Anders




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