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A recent political cartoon asked what Democrats hate about Trump, is it his hair? What I hate is that he is a bully, a braggert, a bigot, and an amoral tom cat.

He has the negotiating skills of a 5-year-old. "I didn't do it! She started it! I don't remember. You're an idiot!" I wait for -- I know you are, but what am I? If your 5-year-olds behaved like Trump, you would put them in time out.

Like all politicians, he is a snake charmer who says what you want to hear. Oh yeah, he's singing your song. The problem is, the most important word in Trump's vocabulary is "ME." I have contacted the White House and asked him to stop talking so much about himself and talk about what he will do for America. Making it great again is not disparaging America in whatever foreign country he is in.

The Republican party was once known as the Grand Old Party. But today's party has drifted far away from the 1970s and, with McConnel proudly calling himself the grim reaper of bills, seems today to be better known as the party of spin (180 degrees) and lie. It is a party of junk values where being in the majority is all that matters — not what working class voters need.

Some have suggested that Trump's election was God's will. I suggest it was the Devil wooing your vote. As for the current crop of Presidential candidates, I think Beto's hair looks a lot like John F. Kennedy's.

Connie Forbes


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