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Several recent articles and letters in your paper have been about media bias. I, too, am concerned that too many questions are deliberately left unanswered by the media, like “Why do we feel obliged to help rebels maintain control over Syrian oil fields stolen from the Syrians by rebels (once called ISIS) and drop bombs killing 100 Syrian troops who killed no one?" The media, if it were doing its job, would question the wisdom of our continued participation in a war that has already caused too much suffering.

Another question American media personnel leave unanswered came up in a recent news release: “Israel Bombs Syria.” Again, “Why does the media feel obliged to present the Israeli aggression as being Iran’s fault?" Odd, when Iran dropped no bombs on Israel. The media, if it were doing its job, would reveal that Israelis have no right to support rebels in the Syrian Civil War by pretending that they are merely defending the right to exist as a model democracy. If Israel were a model democracy, it would not promote civil unrest in other countries, rather it would grant all Palestinians full civil rights, thereby resolving the unrest in its own country.

Another unanswered question: "Why does the media spend so much time investigating flawed individuals while supporting flawed policies that spend too much money on war machines and spend too little money on the peaceful resolution of crises?"

Dean Grenz

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