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The City is hosting a listening session from 10-11:30 a.m. on Friday, November 15 at the Montana Club to seek feedback from the public on the form and function of city advisory boards. Specifically for this session, the city will be discussing boards and committees staffed by the Parks, Recreation and Open Lands Department.

The City is looking at how to reduce duplication of work, improve networks, and advance board and committee discussion and responsibilities, while maintaining public involvement.

One area under careful consideration is the number of advisory boards the city supports. The Department currently staffs multiple boards including: Helena Open Lands, Parks and Rec, Bill Roberts and Civic Center Board.

The goal is to generate ideas that can then be taken to the city commission for deliberation.

Notice was provided in the 11/10/19 Legals.

Public comment - parksandrecreation@helenamt.gov. Attend to provide your input!

Linda Kindrick


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