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Preachers who identify as such and involve themselves in rallies and legislative actions on issues like abortion and end of life choices, need to be very careful. By attempting to use the law to foist their religious dogma on others who do not share those beliefs, they open themselves and their institutions to the possibility of public backlash. Here is what George Carlin once had to say on that subject:

"I don't know how you feel, but I'm pretty sick of church people. You know what they ought to do with churches? Tax them. If holy people are so interested in politics, government, and public policy, let them pay the price of admission like everybody else."

If religious clergy were to persist in these activities, as they have recently done in Helena, it is just possible that those who favor separation of church and state could easily decide to promote legislation to remove the tax-exempt status of churches and other religious entities.

Bob Balhiser


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