Anti-abortion Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade and end abortions throughout the USA. The courts may give them what they want, but the USA will not be abortion-free.

It's easy to buy illegal drugs from dealers in almost every community in the USA. If abortions are illegal, dealers peddling drugs like meth and opiates will sell Abortion Pills.

Picture a teen being wined and dined by an older man. She's in love and wants to please him. Then he disappears after she tells him she's pregnant.

Desperate, she approaches a local drug dealer. He tells her she doesn't have enough money. But he turns on the charm. He'll give her the pills and the instructions on how to take them if she'll meet him at his apartment. He just scored a new customer.

She ends the pregnancy. After a while she feels sad and lonely. Now the drug dealer offers her something that make her feel much better.

Overturn Roe and pregnant teens won't see medical professionals. But drug dealers will deal with them. The courts may just create a society far worse than what we have now.

Carole Mackin


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