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Fishing outfitters in Ennis seem to think they own the Madison River. Just look at the way they’re acting over a proposal to put some regulations on the river to cut down on the pounding it gets every day in the summer because of their businesses.

Montana FWP put together a group to come up with some kind of middle ground limits on commercial use by outfitters. What did they do? They wouldn’t even acknowledge that there’s a problem, let alone offer a solution.

These outfitters have the worst kind of entitlement there is. They think the river should be managed for their ability to make money. If there was one fish left in the Madison and they could make a buck selling the chance to catch it, they’d do it.

Here’s a newsflash for this crew – the Madison River belongs to all of us. And we too have a say in how it’s managed. We’re sick and tired of your selfish sense of entitlement to our river, and your divisive, vindictive tactics to divide the Madison Valley community.

Ross Anderson


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