Just a quick note on walleye fishing in Washington state on one body of water that I have been fishing on for the last six years. Just got back from a six-day trip fishing for walleye with another possession limit for myself and my wife and we had a average fish length of 17.5 inches for the fish. I have been measuring fish every year caught from this lake and have never had a possession limit average under 14.75 inches. One year the average was over 18.

The regulations on this lake are no fish under 12 inches and only one over 22 inches with a limit of eight daily and possession of 16. During the last six years I have fished Canyon Ferry Reservoir only twice. Once during a tournament in June and once about two years before that around July time frame. Guess what, (I) had a hard time finding fish 14 inches long with a majority of the fish under 14 inches. Simply stated, your regulations are not producing the type of fish the fishermen/women would like to see. You continue to over fish this body of water and as far as I can see, it will never recover to the glory days of the late '90s and early 2000s.

In a email dated Aug. 24, 2018, to you folks I attempted to get my point across, but I now can see that you have failed to come through for the walleye fishing people. Sad to say but I guess I will continue to spend my retirement money fishing in Washington. The lake/reservoir also has great crappie, blue gill, bass, perch and trout fishing.

Question: Why can't Montana supply a fishery like that if Washington can?

Dick Hoffman


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