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Not impressed with letter from physicians

Not impressed with letter from physicians

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Regarding the letter signed by St. Peter's doctors and others "Proud to Work At St. Peter's Health." Are you proud of the way one of your fellow physicians has been treated? What if it were you or a best friend colleague? Did you ever miss something that jeopardized a patient? Are you proud that the CTC patients have been through nightmares of uncertainty, meaningless correspondence and parades of locum physicians? Proud of how patients have had their records scrutinized, evaluated by people looking to short circuit or alter treatment from a corporate perspective, not a compassionate care perspective? Does stating you have been “handed the reins to motivate each other to practice in the best way possible” imply Dr. Weiner’s termination was the result of a “group think?” Are you proud patients can’t access clinical trials here? Come on. Most of you do caring, good work. Can you see the gaps in the sweeping "I'm proud" letter? Are you really above all this? This letter is a slap in the face and rubs salt in the wounds that have been created by Dr. Weiner's termination and have crippled trust in health care in Helena. I’m not impressed.

Margaret Kernan




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