I hope that NorthWestern Energy will be held accountable for its decisions just like any other business or individual. My mother, Polly Holmes, a housewife, served for 10 years in the Legislature 50 years ago to hold energy companies accountable to the people. Since then, we captive consumers have been screwed over and over by our energy companies, which have made money in part by passing the costs of bad decisions on to us.

Now we're faced with SB 331 that would allow NorthWestern Energy to saddle consumers with yet more of its terrible decisions to uphold our addiction to coal while slow-tracking clean technologies. In what other sector of business is a private company able to avoid the costs of its own mistakes and still be guaranteed a profit? We deserve an energy future tied to clean new tech, not abusive contracts with badly managed companies. Our young people cry out for the clean environment the Montana constitution promises us, yet NWE appears more concerned with its shareholders. I'd be furious if I was a young person whose future was on the line. Please urge your senator to oppose SB 331.

Tim Holmes


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