Anyone else notice the uptick in NorthWestern Energy corporate image advertising? Do you think it might be connected to that corporation’s efforts to snuff out the growth of individual family use of solar energy? I do.

Please email the Montana Public Service Commission at PSC_utilitycomment@mt.gov to point out that we must stop allowing corporate greed to further destroy the Earth.

In its image building ads, NorthWestern touts the fact that 60% of current energy generation comes from renewable sources. If, instead of corporate profits, NorthWestern had the well-being of its customers and our environment in mind, it would welcome individual family investments in solar. Not so. Rather, NorthWestern seeks to penalize anyone who invests in rooftop solar generation. Seeking a rate-based disincentive (is) designed to discourage individual family investment in solar.

Think about what might happen. If NorthWestern were to suddenly realize that its customers and the Earth are more important than profit, that 60% currently generated from renewal sources could go to 100% with all of the hardware investment coming from customer families.

Demand a different direction from our energy companies.

Galen McKibben


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