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For the over 20 years I have lived in Helena I have seen many times how the downtown businesses have wanted desperately to bring more traffic to their area. Now the city has done something that is accomplishing the very opposite!

The new "parking meters" have helped me to decide not to stop and visit the many businesses that I used to very often. So, I hope the folks at Park Avenue Bakery, Base Camp, Blackfoot, Ten Mile Brewery, Aunt Bonnie's, Birds & Beasleys, and many others will be sure to make this known to the city council.

The cost of parking, while annoying, isn't nearly as much a problem as the choice of equipment. They chose a system that makes it easy to quickly police us instead of a system that is easy to use.

Please let the downtown business owners be aware of this.

I have for years done my best to support our downtown but no more while this system is in place.

Rudy Strobbe


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