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My take on the Tactical Civics meeting

My take on the Tactical Civics meeting

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The meeting held in East Helena by Tactical Civics on April 6 was a recruitment event for people who have a "gut feeling" our country is headed in the wrong direction. While the reporter from the Independent Record was denied access, and commentary has been written and published in the IR, “Tactical Civics Meeting Raises Questions, Helena IR April 16, 2021”, I was able to attend and would like to make public what I understand were the primary points made during the 1-1/2 hour presentation and after some very serious reflection, my thoughts.

According to the speaker, Tactical Civics wants to put the United States back on track through two primary means:

1) Increase the number of representatives in Congress from 435 total (1 in 754,000 U.S. residents), to 1 in 50,000 citizens, (roughly 6,564 representatives). And require of those representatives to live in the states they represent, not live in Washington, D.C.

2) Bring back the Grand Jury process to investigate politicians who do not uphold the Constitution and local militia controlled by regional committees to enforce the will of the local committees/grand juries.

And the meeting concluded with an appeal to attendees to do some soul searching and introspection to determine why exactly they want to join Tactical Civics.

While I would be interested in having further discussions on increasing the number of representatives per U.S. resident. As it stands now with the most current census about to give Montana its second Congressman, increasing U.S. Representatives to 1 in 50,000 residents would actually reduce Montana’s representation in the House chambers. Consider the ratio of Montana representatives to the total. The 2020 census will give us two out of 435 total. (two divided by 435 is a .46% portion or 1 in 217) However under Tactical Civics proposal if there were one representative per 50,000 residents then we would have approximately 21 from Montana. That’s a ratio of .33% or 1 in 307. So in fact this proposal will reduce Montana’s influence in the House once the new districting takes effect. (The opposite is currently true given Montana has one lone representative in the U.S. House).

The second point I would like to make is the effort by this group to wrap itself in patriotism while in fact working to violate the Constitution of the United States. And this is the more serious and disturbing piece of information I took away from the meeting. While claiming to be strict adherents to the Constitution of the United States and hailing it as the supreme law of the land. I believe this organization is currently violating what they claim to hold so dear. And why? Militias.

The U.S. Constitution allows for the states to form “A well regulated militia.” Which in our system is the National Guard. And during the question/answer period when asked about how the militia Tactical Civics calls for organizing will be regulated, the response from the speaker and audience was, “the committees.” However that answer assumes and imagines the reorganization and successful adoption of the proposals put forth by Tactical Civics. Or what they are imagining for the future. However the question was meant to address the formation of militia they are currently undertaking. And because they are currently forming militia, and they are NOT, "well regulated," (because there are no legally recognized committees), they are in my opinion, violating the U.S. Constitution.

And finally, I would never consider joining an organization that can not discern fact from fiction and actively spreads misinformation and disinformation. The website of Tactical Civics proclaims, “The massive fraud in the 2020 election, combined with the criminal COVID-19 hoax.” In response to that I beg you to please read the editorial submitted by retired Montana Supreme Court Justice James C. Nelson, April 21, 2021, Helena IR. In which he so eloquently explains that 61 courts in the United States denied relief to those claiming election fraud in the 2020 presidential election and saw NO EVIDENCE of widespread fraud.

And after 570,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, billions of dollars spent on the development and administration of a vaccination for the virus one would be very foolish to actually believe COVID-19 is a “hoax.”

But please, heed the recommendation of the speaker if you are considering joining this group, and reflect on why it is you are. I did. And I won’t.

Jim Abell




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