I had the pleasure of watching a movie from 1944 entitled “An American Romance.” I believe all American citizens and non-citizens need to watch this movie.

The movie is about a man that legally immigrates to America. He knows he needs to work hard and give back to the country that opened its arms to him. He started as a laborer in the steel industry and his work ethic allowed him to become a success in not only the steel industry, but also through his initiative and entrepreneurship, he redesigned a car and started his own auto business.

He would say he was the luckiest man in the world. And his wife agreed. However, she reminded him his luck was due to his hard work.

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To demonstrate his love for this country, he named all of his sons after American presidents. The American romance was not only between him and his wife; but also with the country that gave him the opportunity to be as successful as he wanted to be. It began with him legally immigrating and not expecting a handout and his willingness to give back to America, the country he loved.

Christine Burbank


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