Rep. Devin Nunes was recused from the Russian investigation conducted by the House Intelligence Committee. Nonetheless, Chairman Nunes and Republican committee members’ staff drafted a secret memo on their perception of actions involving the FBI and the Russian investigation. They then voted on party lines to release their secret memo for reasons of transparency. At the same time they denied the Democrats an opportunity to release their memo covering the same issues.

Of this secret Republican memo, the DOJ said its release would be “extraordinarily reckless.” Having finally seen the memo, President Trump’s appointed FBI director does not want the memo released. Release of the memo is now in the hands of the President, whose press secretary, on the day of the state of the union address, said “There are no current plans to release the House Intelligence Committee's memo. The President has not seen, or been briefed on the memo, or reviewed its contents.”

The President is not alone in this regard as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee asked to see it, but was denied access by Rep. Nunes. Wait though. At the conclusion of the state of the union address, President Trump, who has not seen or reviewed the memo according to his press secretary, said while leaving the House chambers that release of the memo was “100 percent.”

More Trump lies? More Huckabee Sanders lies? What are they so desperate to hide, and any bets on Donald Trump willingly meeting with Robert Mueller?

John Andrew