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Last Sunday’s IR (11-12-17) reported that Trump believes Putin’s claim that the Russians had nothing to do with hacking of the 2016 presidential election, and he considers U.S. intelligence officials “political hacks” and tools of the Democrats who are attempting to sabotage relations between the countries.

The U.S. intelligence agencies (not well known for their liberal leanings) that analyzed the intelligence are unanimous in their assertion that Russia was behind the hacks and attempts to influence the election process. This situation has gone from ridiculous, to absurd, to downright dangerous. Putin is the most dangerous man in the world, is not a friend of the U.S., and never has been considered an ally.

I call on Sen. Daines, Rep. Gianforte, and patriot Zinke, to forget about who is standing or kneeling during the national anthem, to subdue their urges to shovel cash and regulations out of the White House, and to demonstrate true patriotism by leading Republicans in the effort to impeach Trump. Trump has gone from being an amoral (recall the female genitalia grabbing enthusiast), narcissistic, blowhard, to a treasonous clear and present danger. If the Republicans refuse, I want a public explanation in this newspaper.

Chuck Dalby

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